Hotel Channel Management 2.0:
Increase Your Profitability Through Intelligent Automation

How intelligent automation and HotelPartner´s channel management can reflect in up to 20% more rooms revenue.

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Hotel Channel Management is arguably one of the most important tasks within today´s fast paced digital environment and is usually complemented by the technological use of a hotel channel manager.

It’s the process of managing and listing your room inventory throughout all connected online hotel booking platforms, while simultaneously analysing and optimizing each online booking platform to increase potential sales activity.

How do I benefit from Hotel Channel Management?
Hotel Channel Management offers you the opportunity of promoting your own rooms inventory worldwide through all online sales channels, while efficiently implementing effective sales and marketing strategies to increase the volume of bookings ultimately leading to higher profits.

Solely the use of a proper channel manager alone will enable you as a hotel to connect to as many online portals as desired without having to invest hours towards the implementation. As a result, this will give your hotel the global reach and visibility required to attain new guests for yourself on a regular basis.

Occupancy will noticeably increase, leading to higher revenue streams if the pricing strategy of your hotel is properly implemented. The workload around your hotel channel management, when using a channel manager, is also significantly reduced on a weekly basis, saving yourself or your workforce up to 20 hours of work per week when managing your inventory or that being completely reduced when working together with HotelPartner.

One can have the best products within the market, but this will ultimately not lead to anything if your products cannot be found.

Lars Meier HotelPartner COO

The most basic action within your Hotel Channel Management is the real-time allotment of your room rates and your room inventory offered through:

  • Online Travel Agencies (OTA´s)
    E.g., Expedia, Agoda, HRS
  • Wholesalers
    E.g. Hotelbeds, Travco, Miki Travel
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
    E.g. Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo
  • Travel Agencies
  • Meta Search Engines
    E.g. Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor
  • Direct Channels
    E.g. Web Booking Engine (WBE)

Keep Up With Your Hotel Channel Management

Avoid Overbooking and Unnecessary High Commissioned Channels

With the surge of technology and online travel agents over the past years, the hotel sales landscape has become massively influenced, while market dynamics and travel behavior are constantly evolving. Not keeping up with this fast-paced environment will lead to your competition intercepting your hotel guests and disrupting your revenue stream.

Your Hotel Channel Management is therefore increasingly important, as it is nearly impossible to successfully manage all your sales channels without a proper strategy or even the help of a hotel channel manager.

Avoid the most common mistakes:

  • More rooms are being sold than are available at any given time
  • Failure to synchronize data leads to errors and overbooking situations
  • Uploading and updating rates are taking up unnecessary hours
  • Multiple interfaces cause delay and slower update times
  • Rate parity issues arise without proper management or overview
  • High commissioned channels are cutting into your profits

Revenue Management Guide

Request your exclusive HotelPartner Revenue Management Guide and find out more about the latest insights of our industry experts!

Proper Hotel Channel Management is the Initial Step Towards your Revenue Management.

Save Time and Money While Maximizing Your Profits For Each Individual Room Category

Stand-alone hotels still face the challenge on what their appropriate sales strategy is and how to implement that strategy in today’s online landscape. At HotelPartner we offer you individualized rule-based room pricing strategies, highly trained industry experts and will on your behalf implement these strategies into our integrated hotel channel manager.

Our experts actively monitor all systems on a daily basis to overview your performance, while optimizing any necessary changes to constantly improve your profits and help you save time.

The result of our Hotel Channel Management is not only time saving, but also an average increase of sales by 20% in rooms revenue for new partners.

The HotelPartner Channel Management Features and How You Can Benefit From Them:

Two-way Interface

Between nearly every major PMS provider and online channel with real-time connectivity and synchronization up to every 4 minutes.

See list of integrations here.

Integrated Commission Optimizer

To reduce your high commission payments, while maintaining maximum online visibility for your hotel. Redirect online bookings through lower commissioned channels or to your direct channels for maximum profit.

Content Management

A team of experts will manage and maintain a clear overview to all your connected online channels. This will ensure that your hotel meets every criteria needed in order to increase your hotel ranking and online visibility. Services such as updating pictures, texts, restriction policies, and more will furthermore make sure that your hotel communication has no discrepancies.

Channel Analysis / Data

Through the insights obtained via booking data and the constant analysis over all booking channels and their performance, our experts are able to optimize your global distribution strategy and channel mix to your desired guest mix and overall strategic goals.

Pooled Inventory

Room inventory is shared across all channels simultaneously to ensure accurate availability without the fear of overbooking unless defined within your revenue management strategy.

Ease of Use

While the handling of our hotel channel manager is done on your behalf through our revenue management experts, the channel manager does embody simple use for you if needed. The opening and closing of channels is enabled through a one click procedure, while price changes can be manually adjusted simply through a right-click procedure.

Intelligent Automation

As your implemented revenue strategy is rule-based; price suggestions, room updates, availability and rate plans are constantly automatically updated depending on incoming booking changes or cancellations.

Yield Management Features

Examples include:

  • Direct pricing rules
  • Discounted Rates
  • Best Available Rates
  • Multi-level rate strategies
  • Minimum Length of Stay
  • Packages
  • Stop-sells when a specific channel target has been met

Rate Shopping

Automated rate shopping is performed multiple times of a day depending on the market to allow for an accurate overview about competitor pricing and overall market pressure.

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