Hotel Revenue Optimization: Ensure Your Hotel Profitability

Having analyzed over hundreds of hotels, we know about the challenges you face in optimizing your rooms revenue.

In the past few years, many hoteliers have not constantly questioned their revenue management thoroughly. If results were good, there is no tendency to optimize further. However, at the same time, these hoteliers are now noticing in recent years that their traditional sales channels are falling behind or that they are paying to high commissions due to the change in booking behaviour and digitalization. Especially as a privately-run hotel, measures in optimizing your top line revenue will have an enormous impact on your balance sheet.

Such niche expertise is provided to you by the experts of HotelPartner. Hotels who are preforming well or even have their own revenue manager already benefit enormously from this know-how and support. While more frustrating and time-consuming work in hotel revenue management can be completely automated, we can work together on improving your entire top line turnover.

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HotelPartner managed to noticeably increase our sales, RevPar and occupancy, while optimizing our internal processes in a very short period of time. So even now in times of COVID-19, we can enjoy a relatively strong performance in direct comparison to the previous year and the competition.

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Hotel Revenue Optimization Will Increase Your Hotel Profitability Significantly.

But if done wrong, it will lead to lost business on your behalf.

While being aware that there is significant room for improvement, it is likely you are simultaneously aware there might be a lack of either the right tools or the appropriate know-how to implement the correct hotel revenue optimization methods. Daily we notice that many stand-alone hotels still face a difficult challenge within the process of optimizing their top line revenue.

Hotel Revenue Optimization – Typical Challenges

Specific examples we see throughout the industry can typically include:

  • Your hotel missing a forward-thinking strategy approach, where forecasting is still based on historical data, done manually or even only up to a few weeks in advance.
  • High percentage commissions are eating deeply into your revenue streams.
  • Unexpected demand peaks have gone undetected, and rooms have been sold too cheap.
  • Poorly placed restrictions are leaving you with booking gaps.
  • The lack of proper BI tools and market intelligence provides you only with a limited market overview.
  • In-house controlling is limited to the sole know-how of a single employee usually having limited time on their hands to fulfill all their duties.
  • Time constraints through controlling efforts neglect your personal guest interaction and other projects demanding attention.
  • Your products and services are potentially misvalued or inadequately communicated throughout diverse sales channels.
  • Local events impacting your hotel are often unknown or falsely categorized.

Hotel Revenue Optimization Goes Beyond Just Room Pricing

The key elements of hotel revenue optimization that also boost your hotel´s profitability lie in the detail.


Act don’t react.

Unfortunately, forecasting is still often done manually or done based on historical data where only a few weeks in advance are taken into consideration. Missing a farsighted approach or having a limitation in know-how on how to act on data, will lead to false strategic decisions and preparations on your behalf.

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What we have learned, especially in times of a crisis, such as with COVID-19, is that historical data in revenue management must be ignored to a certain degree and a more present or futuristic approach is needed within our current market dynamics.

Hotel revenue management systems solely based on historic data for example, have failed to cope early on with the new market dynamics resulting from COVID-19. This led to false price recommendations and room price calculations, where hotels with limited expertise in-house, were challenged on how to tackle a newly created situation. Reactions were too slow and tactical changes to a strategy could not be properly implemented in time to negate further revenue losses.

This situation left many hotels backtracking, while trying to restore their standing and not knowing how to prepare for the future. As vaccines now become more available and with each country having their own plan towards recovery, demand spikes are likely to occur more frequently and unexpectedly. Switching pricing strategies in time will be key, but knowing when to do this, can only be done through a long-term forecasting approach.

Commission optimization

Cut your costs.

Commission optimization has always been a challenge and leads to immense costs if not handled correctly. Key is how to maintain your online visibility through high commission channels, but generate bookings directly or through low common channels whenever the market allows you to do so.

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If not complimented by a proper system, employees will have to manually open and close online platforms, which can lead to unnecessary time consumption and potential errors.

The opening and closing of channels is also highly dependent on the expertise of one employee that is limited in working hours and where wrong judgement can lead to preventable revenue loss.

Multiple interfaces within this element of revenue optimization also results in longer reactions times, where potential double or over booking situations can occur.

Automated processes with the right strategic implementations, will reduce time constraints, improve efficiency and lower your commission costs without neglecting your market visibility or quick reaction times.

Market Peaks

Know the unknown.

Common market peaks are easy to anticipate and act accordingly towards, but being prepared for unexpected demand peaks is when your revenue stream will spike. Identifying such unknown peak patterns is challenging, but fundamental to enhancing your hotel revenue optimization process. Having the right strategic implementation for such occurrences will ensure that your rooms are not sold under value and that you maximise your profit during that time-frame.

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Markets everywhere can suddenly generate demand where the origins are unknown. Hotel bookings suddenly appear one after the other, but room prices have been left unchanged. Such an occurrence can be due to a sudden announcement of a concert location or a football match during out of office hours, a holiday, a weekend, but can also have no reason at all.

Acting upon such demand before-hand is nearly impossible if the hotel management is not prepared for such an occurrence and even harder without the right data set to illustrate such possible demand curves. Knowledge is key on how to prepare and through systematic implementations you will be able to catch on to such peaks at any given time. Doing so will significantly impact your top-line revenue and your rooms will no longer be sold under value.


Think outside the box.

Booking restrictions are placed based on typical business and leisure travel patterns within a certain market. The lack of intelligently placed restrictions, either held too long or forgotten within ones´ daily business, will lead to booking gaps on your behalf and loss of business.

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Minimum length of stay restrictions come with experience of revenue management, market know-how, trends and the understanding of travel behaviour. The key is to generate business on “shoulder dates” that are typically low in demand, while retaining a good average daily rate on longer bookings.

Multiple tactics and cleverly set rules, allows for maximum revenue optimization on rather weaker days. Understanding how to animate guests into booking longer stay periods and rewarding them for doing so, is however an important skill set required when placing restrictions.


What’s going on around me?

A proper event database and the awareness of local activities is crucial for your hotels pricing policy. Not knowing an event’s impact, nor having an event categorization, will leave you uncertain for proper price calculations and limit your hotel revenue optimization.

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Major market events are easy to handle as they usually occur frequently. The challenge lies more in keeping an overview of new events that enter the market, while evaluating their impact on ones´ owns hotels.

Research on a regular basis is required in keeping up to date, while evaluating event impacts can be fostered through market expertise and understanding the demand patterns resulting from an event. Only then can a proper categorization and a pricing strategy be implemented for a specific event that will result in your revenue optimization.

Products & Services

Know your worth.

Understanding the value of one owns products and services is the initial step to optimizing your revenue stream. A misevaluation or the miscommunication of either your product or the service you offer, will lead to lost revenue.

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Every feature within a room has a potential value it creates that can be embedded into a room price calculation. Knowing what features are of value and how to communicate them properly towards your guests is crucial for the correct room price calculation.

The simple naming of room categories is just as important depending on who you are planning to target and what kind of market you are in. Such seemingly simple changes can and will result in major booking impacts through physiological effects. It is also of equal importance to maintain a clear overview about the products and services your competition is offering. This will allow you to constantly evaluate where your benefits lie and how you can use this to generate more bookings.

Optimize your top-line revenue now through the expertise of HotelPartner!

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The added value of HotelPartner can be explained very quickly and easy. It generates more room nights, higher rates and thus, more sales and earnings.

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These hotels faced similar challenges in their revenue optimization process.

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Benefit and compliment your advancement through proper guidance on your hotel revenue optimization.

Gain the competence and know-how of numerous revenue experts monitoring over 170 markets. It will chart your success through the implementation of best practice methods individually designed around your hotel.

Benefit through:

Revenue Controlling & Forecasting

  • Executed for your hotel several times a day and always 365 days in advance to secure your hotel from any possible eventualities.
  • Gather your reassurance through multiple daily controlling intervals conducted by our industry experts and numerous seniority levels.
  • Maintain a 24/7 market overview to keep a birds eye view on any occurrences that can potentially impact your hotel directly.
  • Avoid potential revenue gaps through quick reaction times on market dynamics provided through farsighted controlling and forecasting.

Unexpected Market Peaks

  • Tracked prior time to arrival through market intelligence and embedded pricing rules to take necessary action beforehand at any given time.

Products & Services

  • Constantly re-evaluated and adjusted through excessive content management, known consumer behaviour, expert knowledge and best practices.

Length of Stay Restrictions

  • Based on 15 years of know-how on market dynamics, trends, expertise and best practices seen throughout the world.
  • Intelligently placed, implemented and released through automated processes.
  • Redefined around your individual hotel location, product and market situation.
  • Manually controlled to avoid potential errors and guarded through systematic safety measures.

Commission Optimizer

  • Optimized to push direct bookings through integrated tools and automated closing procedures based on your individual hotel strategy and daily monitoring of our experts.

Event Database & Impact Knowledge

  • Provided to you by a dedicated event data base team and evaluated for you by our revenue management experts.

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